Pilates move of the month- Swan Dive

This months move is Swan Dive.

Swan Dive is such a beautiful Pilates move which has many benefits. Swan Dive strengthens the back of the body and stretches out the front of the body making it a whole body workout. It’s a versatile move which can be performed by everyone at a level that suits them. Swan Dive is named after a swimming diving move.

Swan DivePhoto by Jamie Pichora.

Heres how:

Lie on your mat face down, legs together and with equal weight across the pelvic area. Arms are in the W position. As you breathe in lengthen and lift from the crown of the head, peeling your spine off the mat. Keep the elbows close to the body with your head looking down. As you move feel a lovely openness across the chest and lift the spine as far as yours will allow it to. When you breathe out lower back down to the mat, whilst continuing to lengthen the spine.

To increase the challenge, as you lower back down to the mat, lift one or two legs to create a rocking motion.

It is so versatile you can perform swan dive in a seated position behind your desk and in kneeling position throughout your pregnancy. ¬†Swan Dive corrects so many of today’s postural imbalances that a lot of people suffer with.

Swan Dive is a back extension move that flows beautifully into the Childs Pose stretch.

In the classes this month, we will be spending time concentrating on taking your body through all the levels of this move, and enjoying how you feel whilst performing it.


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