Louise Gapp



After completing a Sports Science Degree, I went on to study a Sports Massage Diploma and worked with Athletes focussing on rehabilitation and training programs. I then taught Physical Education for 11 years and it was during this time I developed an interest in Pilates.

Pilates and I

In all honesty, I came to Pilates unsure of how I would enjoy it. In the past I’d always played team sports or took part in dynamic classes so when people compared Yoga to Pilates, I was undecided. After attending my first class I was hooked. the exercises flowed, were dynamic and really challenged my fitness and strength. I was desperate to practice at home everyday so that I could really “go for it” next time. It was after 3 years of attending classes that I decided to train with JPilates and Joanne Cobbe. Joanne is my mentor but also my sister, her belief in the Pilates method shines through in her teaching and I carry this belief through into my classes.

Beyond Teaching

When I’m not teaching I enjoy quality time with my three children and also my other form of exercise, Surf Boat Rowing. Pilates works perfectly with this as I need a strong “powerhouse” to row through the Atlantic Swell.

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